All-American Heating & Cooling Customer Testimonials Sarasota, FL

Mr. Bill Miccichi All American Heating & Cooling Inc. 1351 Global Court Sarasota FL 34240 Dear Mr. Miccichi Our Trane heat pump has been serviced by your people for years after being purchased from you. There have never been any problems or questions, until early this Sunday morning when the thermostat began to show a red EMG light. I had never seen this before, so I was concerned enough to call your service number. Your tech called me right back. After hearing my explanation, he patiently walked me through a check list until we found the problem. I had by accident moved a control lever on the thermostat to the EMG position. I am writing you to complement your tech on his prompt help. His help will be on of the reasons I will be in touch with your company when it's time for me to replace the unit. Thanks and best regards Martin L.

—Martin L.

Re: Our new Trane a/c unit Dear Bill, Thanks to you and your professional crew, we now have a cool home and an efficient a/c unit. My wife said that the electric bill this month is $150.00 less than last month. With this economy, that is a welcome surprise. Regards Ed V.

—Ed V.

Good morning, As you are aware in June 2010 we purchased and had a new Trane a/c and electric cleaner installed. Why from All American ? 1. Excellent service over the last 9 to 10 years. 2. Excellent sales representative that visited our home when considering a new system. 3. As promised clean efficient installation by professionals on time. 4. When the a/c unit stopped working and we realized it at 5:15 on Friday evening (August 20, 2010). We placed a call to your office and was advised the tech that we were going out in 15 minutes for the evening. We received a phone call from your tech in less than 5 minutes. The tech advised us that he would be available first thing the following morning (Saturday) between 8 and 9 to come service our unit. 5. Again, as promised he was here by 8:15 am, repaired and explained the problem. He was very neat and professional. Thank you. We are very glad to be a client of All American. Please feel free at any time to have a prospective client call or contact us for a reference. Robert & Natalie Z.

—Robert & Natalie Z.

Last month we purchased a new a/c unit from you. We are very happy with it. Your installers impressed us with their knowledge. It was amazing how fast they completed their work. Your service manager and his crew are the absolute best. Thank you The W. family

—The W. family

Dear Bill Miccichi Accolades , superstars , bravos to the techs for solving a very complicated air conditioning problem involving two apartments. Suffice to say, if your tech had not done a final, final walk through the double attic a catastrophe would have occurred in four unit. We still shudder in fear. Thank you The M.'S

—The M.S

Dear Madam or Sir: I wanted to write a letter to acknowledge the wonderful job your tech did when he came to repair my air conditioner. I'm sorry that I didn't get his name so I could compliment him official. He was courteous, polite and very knowledgeable about the problem with our air conditioning unit. My husband and I really appreciate this, since we had already paid our previous air conditioning man twice to come out and repair this problem that seemed to beyond his abilities. In this day it is a pleasure to do business with a company that seems to know their business and treat their customers with courtesy. Again, I hope that the tech will get recognition for his expertise and his courteous service. We will be calling you again if need be and will sharing your companies name with our friends. Thank you Duke & Karen O.

—Duke & Karen O.

Mr. Bill Miccichi For the first time since we bought this house, it became necessary to call your company for service. Let me tell you about my experience. I have never dealt with a finer company. The ladies who took my calls were polite, friendly, concerned and helpful. Your serviceman was professional and patient, and took all the time that was necessary, even though ours was his last call of the day. My letter is to commend you and your excellent staff. Many thanks for your service. Sincerely Martin L.

—Martin L.

General Manager All American Heating & Cooling Inc. 1351 Global Court Sarasota, Fl. 34240 Subject: Your Service Technician Dear Sir: We have had an air conditioning service contact with your company for many year. On several occasions we have had the same service technician perform the periodic service check on the two units installed at our home. We have been very pleased with him. He was punctual, diligent, efficient, technically competent and friendly. Today, when service calls are not always pleasant or productive, it is a pleasure to see and welcome him. He is certainly an asset to your company. Sincerely, Mr. Williamson

—Mr. Williamson

Mr. Bill Miccichi All American Heating and Cooling, Inc. Dear Bill: I just wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for your personal service in the repair of our air conditioner. We had other firms tell us we needed to replace our air handler- you gave us an alternative that was in our best interest that would extend the life of our air handler resulting in a substantial savings. I believe that you and All American have your customers best interest in mind and, as a result, you have established a long-term client. When the time comes for us to replace our air handler, we will call All American. Your Service Technician did an excellent job and we commend him for it. Thank you again. Sincerely, Mr. Connell

—Mr. Connell

Dear All American, I would like to let you now that you have a very special person working for your company. We have had the same Service Technician at our home and both times, he has been the best technician in any field that we have had. He is so polite and he does his job to perfection. He even goes beyond to get the job done so that we are completely satisfied and extremely comfortable and have peace of mind that the air conditioners are clean. I am so thankful for him, especially because we have 2 children with asthma. Please let him know how we appreciate his service and request him to come out every time. Sincerely, the Guagenti Family

—the Guagenti Family

Bill Miccichi All American Heating and Cooling, Inc. RE: Sarasota Commons Shopping Center Dear Bill, I wanted to follow-up with you on the work All American did at the center regarding the air conditioners and roof over the Signature Group. I was very pleased with what you were able to accomplish and the manner in which everything was handled on this project. I appreciate your coordination with Sutter Roofing to finally bring this on-going problem to what appears to be finally a successful conclusion. Sincerely, Mr. Puyanic

—Mr. Puyanic

To Whom It May Concern, Several days ago I found out I needed a new air conditioning unit, and wasn't to happy about it, most of us don't appreciate surprises that cost that much. But our service man did a good job on explaining the options I had, and I decided to go with a new unit. However, it would be several days before one could be installed, and the house was already in the 90's. Our unit would not hold the gas needed for the refrigerant, so for the last several days, he had been stopping by each evening to fill the unit with gas so we could be comfortable through the night and the next day. He has gone beyond the call of duty to keep us comfortable and as a “long term” customer of All American, I want you to know how well he represents your company. He went out of his way to meet our needs, and he was sincere about the effort he was making. He provides the kind of service that customers want, but usually don't get, and I would be happy to recommend him and your company to my friends, and any potential customers you may have. Sincerely, Mr. McLellan

—Mr. McLellan

Dear Sirs, It is our distinct honor to write to you about one of your valued employees. Your Technician came to our home yesterday to service our heating and AC units. What a good-will ambassador he is for All American. He was so professional and really “knows his stuff” He reviewed with us all that he would be doing then discussed with us, upon completion, his findings. All with a smile. We request him for our next check up! Cheers!! Best Wishes! Mr. and Mrs. Smith

—Mr. and Mrs. Smith