One of the biggest debates in the HVAC industry centers between gas and electric air conditioning. Each one offers its own advantages and disadvantages. Which one is right for your home in Sarasota, Florida? Read to learn more about gas and electrical air conditioning.

Gas Air Conditioning

Homeowners don’t use natural gas units as frequently as they once did. However, they have made a comeback in the last few years. That’s because they have the ability to adequately cool a larger home through multi-zone units. In some cases, gas air conditioning makes sense.

Natural gas may be a good idea if you’re already running gas lines to your other household appliances. Otherwise, it can be costly to run the lines and add gas to your monthly household costs just for cooling the house.

You can also use air conditioning units that rely solely on gas in a power outage. This may be especially important to Florida homeowners with the possibility of severe storms throughout many months of the year. Finally, because there are very few parts that make up a gas air conditioning unit, homeowners can enjoy the simple and cost-effective upkeep.

Electric Air Conditioning

Electric air conditioning units differ from gas in that they’re powered strictly through electricity with the use of a condenser. In most homes that are powered with electric air, they use a split system or a heat pump, which removes the warm air from the indoors and transfers it outdoors.

Electric air conditioners are one of the most popular cooling choices because of their price. Electric air conditioners are more affordable than gas AC systems in terms of operating costs. Newer units are also more efficient, reaching upward of 100-percent efficiency.

It’s important to consider your home’s cooling needs and your efficiency preferences. All American Heating & Cooling will inspect your home and offer you a recommendation on which type of cooling unit is right for you. Call us at (941) 451-5228 for more information.

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