Why You Need to Get Rid of That Window Unit

If you depend on a window air conditioner to keep your North Port, Florida, home cool, it’s high time for an upgrade. Discover five reasons you need to get rid of that window unit, including unacceptable noise levels, indoor air quality issues and reduced energy efficiency.

You Need Consistent Comfort

No matter how advanced your window AC is, it’ll never keep a consistent temperature throughout your home. That means the temperature can vary by double digits from room to room, potentially causing some window units to work harder and less efficiently than others.

If you’re tired of dealing with those drastic temperature differences, rest assured a central air system provides consistent comfort throughout your home. At All American Heating & Cooling, we have years of experience installing HVAC systems that provide much-needed cooling power to every room of your home. Since you can control the temperature from a single thermostat, managing a central air system is much easier than juggling multiple window units.

You Need Peace and Quiet

Window ACs aren’t known for being particularly quiet. In fact, many are downright noisy. Some have a loud rumble when they start, while others produce a loud drone as they run.

While some central air systems have relatively noisy outdoor units, the newest ACs have impressive noise-dampening technology. Some units are so quiet they won’t interrupt your outdoor coffee or backyard party. Others are virtually silent, so you’ll barely know they’re running at all.

We recommend checking the decibel level on the air conditioner you’re considering to purchase. That way, you’ll make sure it offers as much peace and quiet as you anticipate.

You Need Better Indoor Air Quality

The window unit you’ve had for years should have a basic air filter to keep large airborne contaminants from getting into the system. However, most window ACs do almost nothing for your home’s indoor air quality.

In contrast, many central ACs are designed to make your home’s indoor air quality pristine. They feature advanced air filters that pull pollen, mold, pet dander and other particles out of the air.

Central air systems can also work with HVAC add-ons, such as whole-home air purifiers. These advanced indoor air quality units can eliminate virtually all of the contaminants from your home’s air supply. Many can also capture viruses and pathogens, so you can breathe easily.

You Need Improved Energy Efficiency

Whether you’re looking to make your home greener or you just want to save money, energy efficiency is a growing priority for many North Port homeowners. Unfortunately, window air conditioners aren’t designed to be very efficient. In fact, they can be very expensive to run during the summer.

When you invest in a central system like the Trane XV20iTruComfort Variable-Speed air conditioner, you’ll stay cool while saving energy. This Energy Star-qualified central air system is one of the most efficient models on the market. It adjusts its cooling output by microscopic amounts. That means it won’t use more energy than absolutely necessary, but it’ll always keep you cool.

You Need More Security

Window air conditioners might keep you cool, but they also compromise your security. After all, you’ll always have your window open when you’re using a window AC.

To keep your home secure while staying cool, our team often recommends investing in a ductless air conditioner. With a model such as the Trane High-Wall ductless system, you don’t have to worry about installing ductwork or a whole-home HVAC system.

Instead, these ductless units are ideal for providing targeted cooling power in areas that don’t have existing ductwork, such as converted garages, attics or new additions to your home. Thanks to this smart solution, you can stay comfortable and secure on a budget.

Whether you’re in the market for a central air system or a ductless air conditioner, you’ve come to the right place. Call the All American Heating & Cooling team today at (941) 451-5228.

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