Are you lying in bed, unable to sleep? Your problem might not be insomnia, but allergies or HVAC-related. Instead of reaching for the sleeping pills, try adjusting your indoor environment. Sometimes the reasons we can’t sleep are simpler than we realize, but we’ve lived with them for so long they become forgotten.

Your House Is too Humid

Sleeping in a house that’s too humid is an uncomfortable problem. You might feel too hot, but kicking off your blankets doesn’t help. Sometimes you feel sweaty or clammy instead, and you can never find a comfortable position for falling asleep. If your house is too humid, something’s up with your HVAC system. The AC should dehumidify as it runs, so if it isn’t, you need one of our technicians over.

You Have Mild Allergies

Allergens love to cling to textiles. Have you ever seen a blown-up picture of pollen? It has all those spines on it, which makes it hard to get rid of. You may not notice your allergies during the day, but when you lie on your mattress, you disturb all the allergens that have infiltrated it. Put a mattress cover on your mattress, and wash all your bedding in hot water at least once a week to reduce those allergens.

You Can’t Breathe

Sleep apnea is a serious problem that causes people to stop breathing while they sleep. If the problem is sleep apnea, you should see your doctor immediately for solutions. Sometimes, though, you can’t breathe because your airway is blocked. IAQ issues can cause our sinuses to clog. Even if you don’t have many allergies, a dusty home or lots of particulates blowing through the house can cause sinus problems that interrupt your sleep.

To solve your IAQ problems like too much humidity and particulates floating everywhere, call All American Heating and Cooling. We’ll send a technician out to inspect your HVAC system, including your ducts. Give us a call today at (941) 451-5228.

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