Choosing an HVAC System That’s the Right Size for Your Home

To stay comfortable and avoid high utility bills, you need to choose a heating and cooling system that’s the right size for your Sarasota, Florida, home. If your system is too small, your home will have warm or cold spots. If it’s too large, it will waste energy and wear out faster. Larger HVAC systems also don’t run as long as properly sized systems, so they can’t dehumidify the air well. This encourages mold growth and makes your home feel hot and clammy. Here’s how you can choose the best size for your HVAC system.

Use Manual J Load Calculations

Manual J, also called Residential Load Calculation, considers the amount of insulation in your home, the local temperature, the shade outside, the number of people who live in your home, the number of heat-producing appliances, the size of your home and its windows, and more.

Some might think that installing a larger HVAC system will result in greater comfort. That is not correct, and doing so, will likely lead to inefficient air conditioning and higher utility bills. Manual J software makes calculating the correct size faster and easier.

Apply Manual D

After you find the right size for your system, your contractor should use Manual D, also called Residential Duct Design, to decide the best size for your ductwork. If your ducts are too big, they won’t move air fast enough, and they’ll make noise if they’re too small. In both cases, air conditioning efficiency will be affected. Make sure an experienced professional installs your ductwork to prevent leaks and other problems that waste energy.

Calculate the Refrigerant Charge

Many HVAC systems don’t come from the factory with enough refrigerant, which wastes energy and causes mechanical problems. During installation, your contractor should adjust the amount of refrigerant as needed. Your technician must also be properly certified to handle refrigerants.

All American Heating and Cooling is a family-owned company with over 30 years of experience. We can help you with all your HVAC needs, including installation, maintenance, and repair, and we offer a 100-percent satisfaction guarantee. Call us anytime at (941) 451-5228.

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