Some Common A/C Problems You May Encounter

common A/C problemsWhen air conditioning issues crop up at the height of the cooling season, your comfort suffers. You can solve some issues without professional help, though, if you know what to look for. Here are some common A/C problems you can fix yourself, with advice on when to call an HVAC contractor:

  • The condenser quit working – The easiest fix is to turn back the thermostat by five degrees. If that doesn’t get the A/C working, make sure it’s plugged into a power source, and see if it cycles on. If it doesn’t, take a look at the electrical panel for a tripped breaker or blown fuse. If everything appears fine, a bad compressor or failed motor may be the problem, and you’ll need an expert diagnosis.
  • Insufficient cool air – Try dialing back the thermostat by a few degrees to see if that helps. Keep in mind that the A/C may not drop the indoor temperature down to your normal setting on days when it’s excessively hot outdoors. Another possible cause is a buildup of dirt on the evaporator coil, and cleaning it may solve the problem. If your home never feels quite cool enough, it’s wise to have a licensed specialist assess the system, as it may be improperly sized.
  • No cold air, but the A/C operates – This issue can indicate a lack of essential airflow to the outdoor condenser. Clean the coil, make sure the surrounding area is free of debris and that vegetation is trimmed back. If this doesn’t help, have the compressor and refrigerant level checked professionally.
  • The A/C cycles on and off frequently – If the outdoor condenser or indoor evaporator coil is dirty, it can cause repeated on-off cycling. Short-cycling results in higher energy consumption and affects how well the system dehumidifies your home. Clean off the coils, and make certain that proper airflow isn’t blocked by any obstructions. If there’s no improvement, you should call a reliable HVAC contractor.

If you need expert help solving common A/C problems in your Sarasota area home, contact us at All American Heating and Cooling.

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