Strange sounds coming from your furnace indicate that your system needs repairs or maintenance. Here are five furnace noises you shouldn’t ignore in your Bradenton, FL, home:


Similar to a misfiring engine, you may hear your furnace making booming, banging or popping sounds as it cycles. It’s possible that the burner can’t correctly combust the fuel as it struggles to reach the proper temperature. Fuel builds up as a result, and when the burner finally becomes hot enough, it “pops” the excess fuel.

You might hear banging or popping when the furnace turns off. This indicates the expansion and contraction of the ductwork as the temperature changes. In either case, schedule a furnace tuneup so you can avoid bigger problems in the future.

Rumbling or Rattling

Rattling or rumbling sounds require immediate attention. The furnace might be suffering from:

  • Loose ductwork.
  • Failing motor issue.
  • Broken fan blade.


Moving parts like shaft bearings may be dry if you hear squealing noises. Call a service technician to lubricate these parts before a major breakdown occurs. Failing to fix these types of issues can lead to larger problems that might result in the need to install a new furnace entirely.


Clicking noises typically originate from a heat exchanger or ignition problem. If your HVAC service technician doesn’t find anything wrong there, they’ll probably just need to conduct a normal tune-up to stop bolts, nuts and other components from clicking.


You probably have a clogged air filter if the furnace whistles. Loose ductwork causes air to escape, creating a whistling noise.

If you notice these furnace noises, it’s time for us service your HVAC system. Contact All American Heating & Cooling to schedule your next furnace maintenance appointment. We’ll make sure your heating system is operating as it should through the cooler winter months.

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