Everything to Know About the Trane CleanEffects Air Cleaner

While the air quality in Bradenton, FL, is relatively good, the most common pollutants are still present in the air during the summer. By investing in the highest quality air cleaner, you’ll have peace of mind knowing your home is actively filtering the worst pollutants. The Train CleanEffects air cleaner is the best device for this function.

How the CleanEffects Air Cleaner Works

While the technology within the Trane air cleaner is complex, the way it works is simple. First, it electrically charges all pollutants before holding them in a media filter where they endure a constant electrostatic charge. This allows the machine to kill the harmful parts of the pollutants so they’re no longer present in your home’s air supply.

What’s the Difference in Systems?

One of the most common questions asked is how the Trane CleanEffects air cleaner is different from standard air filters. While there are many features that make the Trane system the best, the most notable is the lack of pressure drop. Instead of holding pollutants in a heavy and bulky filter that causes a pressure drop, the Trane system uses the smartest cleaning innovations to destroy particles with a very minimal pressure drop.

While many people are familiar with HEPA filters and their ability to help clean the air, the Trane system works even harder. It’s capable of removing harmful particles from your breathing air 100 times better than even the best HEPA filters on the market.

Effective Air-Filtering Solutions

With a Trane CleanEffects air cleaner constantly collecting and deactivating pollutants, you’ll notice healthier indoor air immediately. As a Bradenton, FL, resident, this can mean fewer allergies plaguing you throughout the day. It can also mean limiting your exposure to pollutants that can cause serious health problems. Call All American Heating & Cooling today to learn more about how a Trane CleanEffects air cleaner installation can improve your indoor air quality.

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