Got Mold? How to Fix this Common Problem

Concern over indoor air quality has continued to grow as warnings from the Environmental Protection Agency and other health organizations have alerted the public to the danger that may be lurking in their homes. At the top of the list is the growth of mold in the home. Have you ever wondered, “Why does my home smell like mold?” Being the Sarasota, FL, area is subject to humid conditions throughout most of the year, this is a common complaint among homeowners. But there is a way to fight back against mold and poor air quality, while protecting the health of you and your family.

The Key to Preventing Mold

Humidity is the main cause of mold in our homes. This comes from the air, but can also be exacerbated by leaks in the structure or plumbing in your home. If you smell mold in your home, and do not see any visible signs of it or any water leaks, you should start by having an indoor air quality test performed by a professional contractor. This will help pinpoint the source of the mold, and determine the type of contaminants in the air you are breathing within your home.

You can greatly reduce the level of humidity in your home by adding a dehumidifier to your existing heating and cooling system. While air conditioning helps eliminate some of the humidity, it cannot remove all the moisture from the air. If that moisture gets into the ductwork in your home, it provides an excellent environment for the growth of mold and the spores will continue to be recirculated in the air throughout your home.

Your exposure to mold in the air can be reduced by adding either a high efficiency filter media or electronic air cleaner to your heating and cooling system. The systems we install can remove up to 99.98 percent of airborne contaminants from the air in your home. For added protection, U.V. lights can also be added to the system to provide extra air purification. This added equipment requires minimal maintenance throughout the year, and will make the air in your home much more comfortable.

How to Clean Mold from Your System

If it is determined that there is mold in your ductwork, it will need to be removed. This can be done by scheduling an inspection and cleaning of your ducts. If deficiencies exist such as holes, tears or loose joints between sections, contaminants, such as mold spores can easily enter the system.

It may be recommended that you have your ducts sealed to prevent further contamination. During the duct cleaning process, accumulated mold and debris, which may include dust, pet dander and other contaminants, will be scrubbed away before the ducts are disinfected.

For air quality issues in your home, call American Heating and Cooling. We have been providing reliable and affordable heating and cooling solutions to the Sarasota area since 1985.

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