How to Make Your AC System in Palmetto, FL, Last Longer

Ultimately, your air conditioner won’t last forever. However, there are several things you can do to make the AC system serve you for an extended period. Find tips below for making an AC system last longer in Palmetto, FL.

Schedule AC Maintenance Services

A maintenance service helps to keep your air conditioner operating at peak efficiency. An AC system that’s operating at peak efficiency keeps you comfortable and doesn’t inflate the energy bill.

These services involve procedures such as cleaning all the components, fixing any faulty parts, lubricating moving components, tightening any loose connections and repairing any leaks.

Your service technician will also inspect the electrical components. Consider scheduling AC maintenance services at least once every year.

Change Your Air Filter Regularly

Your filter contributes to cleaner indoor air by catching pollutants. When the filter traps multiple contaminants, they accumulate on it and block air from entering your AC system for cooling.

Consequently, your air conditioner works for longer hours to draw more air from your living space. Overworking increases the wear and tear of the system’s components, thus reducing the system’s life. Consider changing your air filter every one or two months to give your air conditioner an easy time.

Avoid Cranking Down the Thermostat

Cranking down the thermostat doesn’t lower your indoor temperatures more quickly. Instead, the practice makes your air conditioner run for a longer time than usual, increasing wear and tear. Consider using your usual thermostat settings.

Respond Promptly to Breakdowns

Usually, you will notice some signs from your air conditioner when all isn’t well. The system may emit unusual noises or sounds when running.

It may also run continuously rather than cooling your home in cycles. The AC system may also short-cycle.

Whenever you detect anything unusual in your air conditioner, it’s vital to seek the services of a professional service technician immediately. This will prevent the underlying issue from worsening.

Call All American Heating & Cooling for exceptional air conditioning services. We always ensure your AC system delivers the comfort you deserve.

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