How to Use Your AC System to Combat Allergies

Pollutants circulating in your Sarasota, FL, house can trigger allergy symptoms, such as watery eyes, sneezing and a runny nose. Fortunately, your air conditioner can help eliminate these pollutants, thus preventing them from triggering allergy symptoms. Let’s discuss how to use an AC system to combat allergies.

Change the Filter in Your AC System

When your air conditioner draws air from your living space for cooling, it must first pass through a filter before entering the system so that it can trap any impurities. As a result, the AC system recirculates clean air after cooling it.

As the air filter continues catching contaminants, they accumulate in large numbers. This reduces the air filter’s capacity to trap more pollutants.

Change your air filter often to keep your indoor air clean. Replacing the filter also eliminates other issues, such as inconsistent temperatures in your house, high energy bills, and accelerated wear and tear of the system’s components.

Use a High-Quality Air Filter

Before buying an air filter, check its efficiency level, as various filters have different levels. Low-efficiency filters can’t trap tiny particles, allowing impurities to continue circulating in your living space and trigger allergy symptoms.

To know how efficient a filter is, check its Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value (MERV) rating. The ratings range from 1-20. However, don’t use a filter with MERV 14 or higher, as this will restrict airflow in most residential AC systems.

Schedule AC Maintenance Services

Excessive moisture in your living space creates the ideal environment for biological contaminants to grow. These pollutants release microbes that cause indoor air quality problems.

Your air conditioner absorbs the excessive moisture in your house and transfers it outside via the system’s drain pan and drain lines. To prevent biological growth, you should have the pan, lines and evaporator coil cleaned regularly. Scheduling regular AC maintenance services helps to keep these components clean.

Adopting the discussed practices enhances the air conditioner’s capacity to combat allergens. Reach out to All American Heating & Cooling whenever you need exceptional AC services or indoor air quality solutions.

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