An energy-efficient home can help you keep your utility expenses low. That’s why many people upgrade their insulation or appliances. Another way to save money on utility bills is to upgrade your home’s landscaping. You can conserve up to a quarter of your power bill by making landscaping changes to your North Port, Florida, home. Improving your landscaping will also make your home look more attractive.

Add Plants in Early Spring

Since the temperature in Florida rarely drops below freezing, late winter or early spring is the best time to add plants to your yard. That way, they’ll have at least a few months to flourish in mild weather before the heat of summer.

Increase Shade in Summer

Plant trees that lose their leaves in winter on the west side of your home. They can help you shade your windows from hot afternoon sun in summer, and they can let warming light into your home in winter. Some species can eventually get tall enough to shade your roof, and others can produce beautiful flowers or tasty fruits. Vines, shrubs or an awning over your outdoor HVAC unit can provide additional shade as well.

Reduce the Amount of Pavement

Pavement absorbs heat and lowers the amount of water that can reach your lawn. Paved areas can also keep you from planting energy-saving trees, bushes, shrubs, and other plants. Use small paving stones instead of having large sidewalks installed. Remember that lighter pavement traps less heat than asphalt.

Create Winter Windbreaks

Even in Florida, winter winds can make heating your home more costly, especially at night. Place fences or plant trees on the north and northwestern sides of your home to create windbreaks. Plant multiple rows of trees and shrubs for the most effective windbreak.

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