Is My HVAC Thermostat in the Wrong Spot in Myakka, FL?

Your thermostat acts as the control center of your HVAC system in Myakka, FL. This component helps control indoor temperatures, humidity and fan speed. In this post, you’ll learn how the wrong placement of the HVAC thermostat affects its performance and efficiency.

In Direct Sunlight

Placing the HVAC thermostat on a wall that receives lots of direct sunlight makes it detect warmer temperatures. Consequently, your HVAC system will experience unnecessary on-and-off cycles that lead to a spike in utility bills. You may need to replace your HVAC system sooner because of premature wear and tear.

Near Heat-Emitting Appliances

Appliances and electrical devices, such as video game consoles and televisions, produce heat as a byproduct. Installing your HVAC thermostat near these devices leads to ghost readings, making the device perform poorly when trying to create optimal home comfort.

Close to Air Vents, Windows and Doors

Areas surrounding the vents, windows and doors experience dreadful air drafts, hinting at cooler temperatures. The HVAC thermostat activates the heating mode, which makes your home unbearably hotter. Avoiding drafty zones for your thermostat will ensure your home remains comfortable, particularly in summer.

Along the Hallways

The HVAC thermostat needs to be in a location where your family spends most of their time, such as the living room or dining area. The hallway is different from those areas. The hallway has restricted air circulation, resulting in your device capturing inaccurate readings in your home.

On an Exterior Wall

The outdoor weather has lots of influence on the overall temperatures of exterior walls via thermodynamics. For example, during winter, your walls will lose heat and become cooler than indoor rooms. With lower temperatures, your heating system will run continuously, leading to high utility bills.

Moving the HVAC thermostat to an ideal position requires professional expertise to avoid electrical damage. For better heating efficiency and thermostat placement, contact us at All American Heating & Cooling today.

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