Most people in Sarasota, FL, enjoy having a pet in their home for companionship. But pets can damage your HVAC system and impact your health if you don’t care for them properly. Read on to learn more so that you can prevent your pet from costing you more to operate your HVAC system and restore your health.

Air Filter Blockages

Pets shed and leave behind clumps of fur throughout your home. They can also leave behind fur in your HVAC system, including the air filter. To make sure the filter in your HVAC system is always clean enough to filter particles, change it every month. BY doing so, you’ll also help your HVAC system deliver conditioned air without straining.

Poor Indoor Air Quality

Pets can also leave your air quality in a much poorer state. The dander and bacteria from the pet’s fur will recirculate in the air if you don’t have regular maintenance and cleaning performed on your HVAC system. You may want to consider having an air purifier installed by professionals to ensure you and your loved ones don’t become sick with respiratory illnesses from the poor indoor air quality.

Condensate Drain Clogs

Your HVAC system’s draining mechanisms, like the condensation drain, may clog because of too much pet dander and fur in your home. These areas need periodic inspecting to prevent further damage to the systems. As a result, you’ll ensure that air is flowing through your home properly. You can also get your pet groomed regularly to avoid excessive shedding.

Everyone should schedule regular maintenance their HVAC system, but that’s especially true if you have a pet. Contact the professionals at All American Heating & Cooling to schedule an appointment. We have the training and experience to provide HVAC repair, installation or maintenance services.

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