4 Signs Your AC System in Sarasota, FL Is About to Break Down

The unmistakable hum of an air conditioner is comforting on a blistering summer day, so it’s likely that the last thing you want is for it to start having issues. Here are four signs that your AC system in Sarasota, FL, might be on the brink of a breakdown:

Unusual Noises

Your air conditioning system should operate quietly with only a low hum in the background. Thus, if you suddenly start hearing unusual noises like grinding, banging, screeching or rattling, it’s a sign that your AC system is in trouble.

These noises often indicate loose or worn-out components, damaged fan blades or a failing compressor. Ignoring these sounds may result in further damage and even an eventual breakdown of your air conditioner.

Frequent Cycles

Your AC system should have fairly consistent cycle times, regardless of the weather. If it’s constantly turning on and off, it’s an alarming symptom known as short-cycling.

This could mean your air conditioner struggles to maintain a cool temperature. An HVAC professional can diagnose and rectify this efficiency issue.

Weak Airflow

If you notice a significant decrease in the airflow from your air conditioner vents, it indicates that something is amiss with your system. Various issues, such as a clogged air filter, blocked ductwork or a malfunctioning blower motor, can cause weak airflow.

Regardless of the specific cause, addressing this problem promptly is essential. Reduced airflow not only compromises the cooling capacity of your air conditioner but also puts extra strain on the system, potentially leading to a breakdown if left unresolved.

Rising Energy Bills

An abrupt spike in energy bills often indicates an inefficient AC system. As internal components deteriorate, the system works harder, using more energy to provide the same comfort level. Regular maintenance can help identify issues early, staving off unexpected jumps in your electricity bill.

It’s crucial to stay vigilant and recognize the warning signs of an impending AC system breakdown to take timely action and prevent a complete system failure. Contact us at All American Heating & Cooling to schedule an AC repair or installation in Sarasota, FL.

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