Air conditioners are one of those essentials that you tend to forget about until it fails to work as it should. This type of unit is a large investment, which means that you want it to work as long as possible. It can be tough to know when to get a new one. Here are four signs that it’s time to upgrade your AC system in your Sarasota, FL, home:

Your Home Has Hot or Cold Spots

If your master bedroom is super hot but the guest bedroom is icy. If that’s the situation in your home, something is wrong with your AC system. When your home has uneven temperatures, this is often a sign that you need to upgrade your air conditioner right away.

Your HVAC System is Old and Outdated

The lifespan of an air conditioning system depends on how well-maintained it is and whether it was installed properly. On average, AC systems last for 15 years. However, they start operating less efficiently after about 10 years.

Your AC Unit is Running Continuously

When the summer heat arrives in Sarasota, a central air conditioner unit usually works harder to keep a home feeling comfortable. But if yours is running continuously, it might be failing. It might be time to upgrade your AC system.

You Keep Needing More Repairs

If you start spending more to repair your central air conditioner, it might be time to update it. Fixing things like the capacitor are common repairs, while coil leaks or overheating compressors indicate bigger issues. Replacing the system rather than repairing it is usually more cost-effective in the long run.

Expert Guidance

If you upgrade your AC system, you’ll save money as your utility bills decrease. New systems use less energy, so they’re also better for the environment. If you suspect that your AC system is starting to fail, contact a professional HVAC service technician for an assessment. They will let you know whether it’s time to update your system. Call All American Heating & Cooling to make an appointment today.

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