As smart home technology continues to develop, programmable thermostats offer homeowners more comfort and energy efficiency. But if you don’t use your thermostat properly, you can spend more money than needed. Read on to learn about the three biggest thermostat mistakes we see residents in Englewood, FL, make all the time.

Keeping Your Heat On All Day

Of all the thermostat mistakes we see, this one probably costs people the most money. Your HVAC system should be able to heat your home quickly. Therefore, you don’t need to keep the heat on all day if you aren’t there. Instead of heating your home while you’re at work, simply program your thermostat to turn up the heat a few minutes before you get home.

Not Using a Setback Temperature

Instead of turning your heating off completely when you leave home, consider using a setback temperature. Simply put, a setback temperature is a lower or upper bound on the temperature that you allow your home’s air to reach. Many people use a target between 55 and 60 degrees as their setback temperature. Doing this saves you a lot of money on your energy bills.

Installing Your Thermostat in the Wrong Room

To make the necessary temperature adjustments that you have programmed in, thermostats use advanced sensors to sample the air in their surrounding environment. If you install your thermostat in a room that’s always colder than the rest of your home, you’ll end up with a skewed reading that can lead to higher heating bills. The reverse goes for installing your thermostat in a room that’s always warmer than the others.

To make sure that you get the most out of your programmable thermostat, we recommend having a service technician inspect your existing HVAC setup. For more information on our heating maintenance and inspection services, contact All American Heating & Cooling today.

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