If you’re looking for a more efficient way to cool your Bradenton, Florida, home, consider ductless HVAC. A ductless HVAC system is easy to install, energy efficient and the perfect solution for the hard-to-control areas of your home. Read on to learn more about going ductless in your home.

Easy to Install

A ductless system is a great choice for spaces that don’t have enough room for a traditional system with ductwork. You can install a single indoor air handler on a wall or the ceiling. It distributes the cooled air, and you can control it with a remote. The noisier unit with the compressor and condenser sits on the outside of your home. It can support up to eight indoor room units connected by refrigerant lines.

Energy Efficient

A central HVAC system can be up to 30 percent less efficient than a ductless system due to leaky or poorly insulated ductwork. As a result, you waste money cooling or heating you living spaces. With a ductless system, you’ll end up using less energy while enjoying more accurate control over your home’s indoor climate. After installation, you’ll end up saving money over time. Ductless systems are energy-efficient alternatives to window air conditioners or space heaters.

Flexible Use

Finally, ductless systems are also known for their flexibility. A single-zone or mini-split system allows you to control the temperature in one room. A multi-zone or multi-split system allows you to control the temperature in several different rooms or zones of your home. Sometimes you just need to add a ductless system to one room to better manage temperature in that area. Other times, a whole-house installation is the best option.

Accurately manage every room of your home with a ductless system from All American Heating & Cooling. With SEER ratings over 16, you’ll find we carry many energy-efficient systems that can help you to save both money and the environment. Contact us today at (941) 451-5228 to set up a consultation. As a result, you’ll receive the best air conditioning services in town.

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