Understanding the 4 Different Types of HVAC Filters in Parrish, FL

Finding the right HVAC filters can be difficult with so many options available. You may not know the material or size that best fits your HVAC and indoor air quality needs. Here’s everything you need to know about the four different HVAC filters most widely used in Parrish, FL, homes.

Fiberglass Air Filters

Fiberglass filters consist of layers of spun glass perfect for catching dust and lint. They’re one of the most affordable filter options available. Unfortunately, they can’t remove very small particles and tend to clog quickly.

You also need to replace fiberglass filters often. They typically only last around a month or two before they fill up.

Pleated Filters

Pleated filter options consist of cotton or polyester. They’re arranged into folds to increase the overall surface area. These filters are often slightly more expensive than fiberglass options.

Pleated filters are great at maintaining healthy indoor air quality. They last longer, perform better and some brands are even recyclable.

Washable Filters

Washable HVAC filters are available in pleated and flat-paneled forms. These filters are great at catching dust and other large contaminants. To remove the accumulated dirt, you’ll need to rinse or vacuum them.

Washable filters are more expensive than disposable options but tend to last many years. It’s best to call for regular HVAC maintenance to ensure they’re optimally effective over time.

Electrostatic Filters

A polypropylene electrostatic filter will function as a magnet and trap contaminants. They’re available in both disposable and washable options.

These filters are affordable and a great defense against seasonal allergies. Investing in reusable options improves your eco-friendliness and lowers future filter costs. Remember to change or wash your filters on a regular schedule.

Protecting your family against airborne contaminants can be stressful. Count on All American Heating & Cooling to improve your home’s air quality today.

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