Using UV Light to Reduce Allergens

No matter where you live in Bradenton, Florida, you’ll find countless allergens in both the outdoor and indoor air. While you can’t remove dust, pollen, or mold from the outdoor air, you can certainly take steps to eliminate them in your home. Learn how ultraviolet (UV) lights can keep your indoor air clean by targeting airborne pollutants that trigger allergy and asthma attacks.

What Is a UV Light?

This type of light has just one job. It emits UV light, which has been used to sterilize surfaces for more than a century. Many hospitals and other germ-free establishments use UV lights, but you can also use them for certain applications in your home, especially if you’re dealing with a mold problem.

After all, even if you keep messy areas like the bathroom and the kitchen clean, bacteria and fungus can still get into your home’s air supply. You might not realize it, but your HVAC system can be a breeding ground for mold, bacteria, and other sneeze-inducing allergens.

How Does a UV Light Clean Your Home’s Air Supply?

At All American Heating & Cooling, we often recommend that homeowners invest in UV lights to eliminate mold and other contaminants that have made their indoor air unhealthy. These handy devices are easy for our heating and cooling experts to install in your HVAC system, where the UV light sterilizes pollutants that have built up in wet or moist areas around your air conditioner.

While they don’t filter the air, UV lights do improve your home’s indoor air quality in a critical way. They work hard to eliminate contaminants that are almost impossible to see or reach. Without a UV light, any mold or bacteria in your HVAC system would continue to contaminate your home’s air supply, causing allergy and asthma attacks.

If your family members suffer from allergies or asthma, keeping your home’s indoor air quality high is essential. Call the air quality experts at All American Heating & Cooling at (941) 451-5228 to learn more about our allergy-friendly HVAC solutions.

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