Homeowners in Sarasota, Florida, use household products that contain pollutants called volatile organic compounds (VOCs) every day. When VOCs release into the air, our respiratory health becomes vulnerable. Exposure to contaminants can cause myriad health issues, including sinus infections, asthma attacks and chronic bronchitis. When our health is at risk, clean indoor air is vital.

What Can We Do?

The best way to protect yourself against VOCs is to avoid them. But while this is ideal in theory, it’s impossible in practice. Every breath of indoor air contains these harmful compounds. In fact, VOCs are emitted by the very wood that builders use to construct your home.

If we can’t avoid harmful chemicals completely, at least we can minimize our exposure. We can accomplish this by eliminating the use of perfumed and scented products, avoiding spray cleaners as often as possible, ventilating regularly and using effective air cleaners when structures are sealed.

The Cleanest Air Possible

Indoor air is about five times more polluted than outdoor air. HVAC experts recommend that homeowners use air handlers to combat the problem. These machines connect to HVAC systems and deliver hot or cool pre-conditioned air throughout the home.

They work by exchanging fresh air from outdoors and stale air from inside. The air handlers condition the air and filter out pollutants. They release the dirty air outside and deliver clean, conditioned air to your home.

When paired with the right HVAC system, air handlers can pump a steady supply of clean air to every room in your house. These units can help maximize efficiency, save money and cut energy costs, all while providing the cleanest air possible.

Volatile organic compounds are dangerous. Minimizing your exposure to them is important for your health, and air handlers can help. For a free consultation and quote for your Sarasota home, contact our team of professionals at All American Heating & Cooling today by calling 941-479-6060.

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