Why Does Your Air Conditioner Need to Sit Level in Myakka, FL?

It’s a must that your air conditioner sits level. While it may seem like a minor detail, its positioning can significantly impact its performance, efficiency and longevity. Discover why it’s essential that your air conditioner sits level at your home in Myakka, FL.

Optimal Performance

Air conditioning systems usually operate effectively when they’re level. When they’re not, it can cause problems with the distribution of refrigerant and problems with the compressor. This can lead to reduced cooling capacity, increased energy consumption, poor overall functioning and potential premature wear on the system.

Drainage and Condensation

AC systems produce condensation as part of the cooling process. Condensation may not flow correctly toward the drainage mechanism when the unit isn’t level, leading to water accumulation inside the system and improper drainage. This can result in moisture buildup and potential damage to the air conditioner.

Vibration and Noise Reduction

AC systems generate vibrations during operation. When the system is level, it distributes these vibrations evenly, which reduces excessive noise and minimizes the risk of component damage due to extreme shaking and movement. Professional AC installation and regular maintenance services can ensure only a standard amount of noise thanks to a level outdoor condenser unit.

Motor Lubrication

AC compressors have oil that needs to circulate properly to lubricate motors. A level system ensures that the oil distributes evenly within the compressor, preventing potential damage caused by inadequate lubrication. Excessive wear and tear and overheating are only a couple of the problems your system may experience when the outdoor condenser unit isn’t level.

Make sure you don’t have to deal with any of the problems that can come with an AC condenser unit that isn’t sitting level. Contact All American Heating & Cooling to schedule a comprehensive AC maintenance service. We’ve been serving the area since 1985, providing reliable HVAC solutions to our valued customers through scheduled appointments and 24/7 emergency services.

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