Why Does My Heat Pump in Myakka, FL, Run Constantly?

Sometimes, it’s normal for your heat pump to run constantly, such as in the middle of a heat wave. At other times, it’s not. Understanding why your heat pump in Myakka, FL, works nonstop is essential to help you know when to schedule repair services. We’ll explain some possible reasons your heat pump is running constantly.

It’s Too Hot or Cold

Heat pumps cool or warm your home by transferring heat from one area to another. When you need a cool environment, the system draws heat from the indoor air and disposes it outside. When the heating season comes, the system draws heat from the outside air and brings it into your house.

When your house is too hot, the system takes longer to eliminate heat. Similarly, when it’s too cold, the system takes more time to bring in enough heat.

The Air Filter Is Dirty

A heat pump’s air filter catches any impurities in the air as the air goes into the system. When it traps multiple contaminants over time, the filter clogs. As a result, very little air gets into the heat pump.

If your heat pump doesn’t get enough air to cool or heat, it can’t meet the temperatures set on the thermostat. Your system can’t stop running if it hasn’t satisfied your temperature needs. You can address this issue by inspecting your air filter often and changing it every two or three months.

Your Heat Pump Has Low Refrigerant

Refrigerant relays heat from the indoor coil to the outdoor coil or vice versa. When this fluid reduces due to leaks, your system takes longer to eliminate or bring in heat. Schedule repair services to fix the damaged sections of the refrigerant lines that allow the fluid to escape.

The Outdoor Unit Is Dirty

The outdoor coil helps to dispose of heat to the surroundings. When dirt, debris, leaves and other contaminants build up on this coil, they create a barrier that inhibits the coil’s ability to transfer heat to the environment. Schedule regular maintenance services to keep this component clean.

When you notice your heat pump in Myakka, FL, is running incessantly, don’t ignore it and hope it’ll return to normal. Call the air conditioning experts at All American Heating & Cooling to have it inspected. Our team will find the problem and fix it.

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