Your Sarasota Home Might Need a Dehumidifier Year-Round


In the Sarasota area, warm temperatures and high humidity don’t just happen in the summertime. A dehumidifier can help you manage moisture levels and keep your Florida home comfortable year-round.

Reduce Airborne Allergens

Allergens like mold, pollen, dirt, and dust mites can live in a variety of environments, but they truly thrive in high humidity. Mold grows best in dark, damp settings and can trigger allergic reactions when its spores become airborne. Dust mites love high-humidity environments and are one of the top triggers of allergic symptoms. Instead of letting these pests live in your home, invest in a whole-home dehumidifier to actively remove excess moisture from the air.

Lower the Stress on Your HVAC System

Most whole-home dehumidifiers work with your existing HVAC system to manage your home’s indoor air quality more effectively. Your air conditioner manages indoor humidity to some extent, but excessive humidity tends to overwork air conditioners, as they strive to produce cool air and reduce moisture simultaneously. Incorporating a dehumidifier into your HVAC system lowers the stress on the air conditioner, helps the whole system function more efficiently, and reduces the chances of unnecessary wear and tear on the system.

Make Your Home Smell Fresh

Excessive humidity can produce unpleasant scents indoors. In fact, unhealthy humidity levels often cause moldy, musty, and rotting smells — unpleasant odors that can be difficult to mask without getting to the root of the problem. It is also important to look for sources of moisture around your home — such as leaks and condensation. Mold spores need moisture to grow. Mold and bacteria can develop in your HVAC system as well. Your HVAC technician will thoroughly clean your system during routine maintenance.

Excessive humidity does more than slow down your HVAC system and contribute to health problems. When humidity causes excess moisture and mold growth, it can be difficult to hide the signs. Cleaning up after mold growth can be hard work, especially if it was allowed to get out of control. It is best not to let the situation reach that point. Keep moisture levels in check with a whole-home dehumidifier.

Have the humidity levels in your home gotten out of hand? Give the indoor air quality experts at All American Heating & Cooling a call at (941) 451-5228.

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