Troubleshooting Your Biggest HVAC Problems

It shouldn’t be too much to ask to stay comfortable in your Sarasota, Florida, home, but HVAC issues are sometimes inevitable. Fortunately, you can prevent many of these issues by investing in regular preventive maintenance. Many of these issues are also easily fixed with a DIY approach. But, when you can’t solve your HVAC issues yourself, the right HVAC contractor can help you to fix them quickly to make sure that you’re always comfortable in your home. Here are a few HVAC problems you might encounter during the hot summer months.

Thermostat Issues

Sometimes what you perceive as a major issue with your system is actually a simple problem with your thermostat. If your system shuts down altogether, make sure your thermostat is on, and that the batteries are working. Other thermostat issues might result from incorrect programming. If you have a programmable thermostat, you can set it to change throughout the day according to your schedule and even based on temperature fluctuations. Sometimes a heating or cooling issue stems from not understanding how to set the thermostat correctly.

Poor Indoor Air Quality

Indoor air quality (IAQ) is a concern if you are inside breathing in the same, recycled, polluted air. Be sure to have your IAQ tested during the summer. Also, on days that the weather is mild, keep the windows open to allow some fresh air in your home. Change your air filters regularly, and schedule preventive maintenance for your system at least once a year to address any concerns about IAQ early on.

Refrigerant Leaks

If your refrigerant is leaking, it would be nice if you could just add more refrigerant and not worry about it. Unfortunately, just refilling your refrigerant won’t solve the real underlying problem. Not only are refrigerant leaks harmful to the environment, but they also significantly affect how your system operates. Your refrigerant should be at the level the manufacturer specifies. A technician will also need to find the leak and fix it before running your system again.

High Utility Bills

A major HVAC concern for homeowners is high utility bills. Unfortunately, your utility bills are always likely to rise during the summer due to the increased usage of your system. There is a difference, however, between higher utility bills because of increased usage and unexpected spikes. If you get an unusual utility bill one month, it could signify an issue with your HVAC system. Utility spikes might result from just a blocked air filter or an aging system. Call your HVAC company to check out your unit to find the true cause.

Coil Concerns

The two primary coils in your system are the condenser coils and the evaporator coils. Your coils need to be cleaned and checked at least once a year. Condenser coils are located in the outside the system, so they tend to get dirty and clogged. You can clean them yourself by turning off the unit and using your hose to spray them off. A technician should do an advanced cleaning annually, though. Your evaporator coils are located in the indoor unit. During preventive maintenance, your technician will make sure your coils aren’t cracked and are clean.

Uneven Cooling

A properly working HVAC system will cool and heat your home evenly. If you notice cold or hot spots throughout your house, that signifies an issue with your system. First, check to make sure all your air vents are open. Also, double-check that your vents aren’t blocked by furniture. If your vents are open and operating, then make sure your filter isn’t clogged. Finally, if you’re still experiencing uneven heating or cooling patterns, have a qualified professional check that your ducts are properly sealed and clean.

Don’t let HVAC problems get you down throughout the year. No matter what your issue, All American Heating & Cooling can help. Give us a call at (941) 451-5228 with your biggest or smallest HVAC concern, and we will be there to solve it.

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