Your home has many systems designed to make you more comfortable than you can be in the outside world. Walls block strong wind and sunlight, insulation keeps outdoor temperatures out, and your HVAC system brings your indoor air to your desired temperature. But what are the real factors that affect home comfort?

Temperature Control

factors that affect home comfortFlorida homeowners want a home HVAC system that is powerful enough to bring their homes to a proper temperature; sized correctly to hold homes stable at that temperature, and a system that communicates correctly with the thermostat to attain the right temperature. Programmable thermostats and zoning systems can help you to tailor your temperature so it serves you effectively.


The Florida humidity can be a challenge. During the summer, when precipitation rates rise along with the temperature, humidity can be especially damaging to your health and your home. High humidity makes it more difficult to cool down and stay cool, and it contributes to mold and mildew growth, which can make you ill.

An air conditioner provides some dehumidification, because cool air naturally holds less moisture than warm air. However, many homes need a whole-home dehumidifier to reach a truly balanced humidity through the muggy months.

Healthy Indoor Air

Most people spend a lot of time indoors, and indoor air is more polluted than you might think — two to five times more polluted than outdoor air on average! After all, chemical cleaners, artificial scents, dust and other pollutants don’t get blown away in the breeze when they’re inside. Ventilation and air cleaning can help you breathe easier in your home and safeguard your health.

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