Why Is There Condensation on My Home Windows?

With changes in the weather, Sarasota homeowners may begin to notice condensation on home windows. Understanding what the window condensation means and how it can be prevented can alleviate stress and avoid costly window replacement.

Condensation on Home Windows

First, it’s important to know that condensation on home windows isn’t indicative of a problem with the window itself. Condensation is simply the moisture in your air, also known as water vapor, being cooled by the window and turning into liquid form. If temperatures are cold enough, condensation may also be seen as ice or frost.

Warm air is able to hold a lot of moisture, which is why humidity is more prevalent in warmer months. When air is cooled, it’s able to hold less moisture, resulting in condensation. Although window condensation isn’t evidence of an issue with the windows, there may be a moisture issue in the home.

condensation on home windowsSources of Humidity

Condensation means there’s excess moisture in the home. This moisture can be caused by:

  • Renovation – New building materials often have high moisture levels. As the newly installed items dry out, the condensation will stop.
  • Outdoor humidity – Higher levels of humidity outdoors can result in similar increases of humidity indoors. This is particularly true when the air conditioning isn’t being used. Running your well-maintained air conditioner can eliminate this issue.
  • Temperature change – Sudden spikes or decreases in the temperature outside can result in condensation issues. The situation will stop once temperatures level out.
  • Poor ventilation – Poorly ventilated areas such as attics, bathrooms or laundry rooms can result in moisture accumulation. If this is the issue, an HVAC expert should be brought in to discuss ventilation ideas.

Learn more about condensation on home windows and indoor air quality solutions to prevent it from the experts at All American Heating & Cooling, or give us a call at (941) 451-5228.

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