Are you Concerned About AC use and Rain?

rainSarasota, Florida has a humid climate and rain is common for much of the year. You may be wondering, as many of our clients do, if it’s safe to operate your air conditioner while it’s raining. It is perfectly safe to use your air conditioner when it is raining, but it doesn’t hurt to be aware of some important considerations.


The compressor unit of air conditioners sits outdoors. You might be concerned about water and electrical components. These components are designed to withstand the elements. Even occasional heavy rain won’t affect the internal parts of the unit. You do have the option, however of placing a cover over the outside air conditioning unit, but this needs to be done with care.

Never cover the unit with plastic or fabric that can’t breathe, as this will trap moisture and increase the likelihood of rust or mold within the unit. Both factors will result in compromised indoor air quality and a shortened unit life. Canvas covers or covers made by the air conditioner manufacturer specifically for that unit are best.


The one thing that will damage an outdoor air conditioning component is flooding. Ensure that the unit is securely fastened to its concrete base and is level. Clear all vegetation and debris from around the unit as these may cause water to pool or restrict drainage when it rains.


The wind itself won’t damage the outdoor portion of the air conditioner, but flying objects may. Check that items such as garden chairs and small tables, toys, and grills aren’t left in its vicinity.

Branches and debris can be easily blown into the unit. Even if you don’t have trees or landscaping near the unit, after heavy rain or a storm, check for wind-blown objects. Debris caught within the outdoor unit can damage the unit and affect its performance.

For more information about air conditioner use or care, or for other HVAC concerns, contact All American Heating & Cooling today at (941) 451-5228. We have been proudly serving Sarasota and the surrounding area since 1985.

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