There’s something about fixing your toys that makes them more your own. Ever since you started doing maintenance on your car in your late teens, your vehicle has felt like more than just a hunk of metal. The same can be true for your home in Sarasota, Florida. Your house needs more care than just a good cleaning every few weeks. Put your DIY skills to use with these simple fall maintenance tasks that will help your house feel more like a home.

Replace the HVAC Air Filter

While you should leave most HVAC maintenance to the licensed professionals, you can engage in some simple tasks. For example, you should replace your system’s air filter every month. Neglecting to do so will reduce your indoor air quality and your HVAC efficiency. Replacing filters is especially important in the fall, since you and your family will spend more time indoors.

Check the Attic’s Insulation

Your attic can certainly be a handy storage space or even a spare bedroom, but it can also become an area full of drafts. An unfinished attic often has poor insulation and gaps that allow cooler air into your home and warmer air to escape.

To keep your air where it belongs, lay blanket insulation on your attic floor. Seal gaps around plumbing pipes and wiring with caulk or expanding foam.

Test the Carbon Monoxide Detector

With oil- and gas-burning heaters, there’s always a risk of exposure to carbon monoxide. While the chances of a leak are low if you have proper ventilation, check the batteries in your carbon monoxide detector in the fall. If the detector isn’t working, replace the batteries and test it again.

The fall is also the perfect time for professional HVAC maintenance. To schedule a maintenance appointment, call All American Heating and Cooling at (941) 451-5228.

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