Minor frost can soon turn into a big block of ice when your air conditioner in Port Charlotte, FL, freezes. What causes this problem? We’ll have to diagnose your AC system to find out, but three possible reasons are low refrigerant, dirty coils and a damaged blower fan.

Low Refrigerant

The refrigerant in your air conditioner needs to stay at a consistent level. When it drops too low, you need an AC repair company to inspect and fix it.

Adding refrigerant isn’t the solution because air conditioner’s have a closed system for the refrigerant. Something else has gone awry, such as a leak, when the refrigerant is too low.

Dirty Coils

The coils become dirty over time, which is part of why air conditioning systems need annual maintenance. When the coils become too dirty, they can cause problems like freezing.

Don’t try to clean the coils on your own. This task requires an AC maintenance professional.

If you schedule a tuneup once or twice a year for your AC system, the coils won’t become excessively dirty. During AC maintenance, we thoroughly clean the entire air conditioner to prevent cooling problems and maintain its efficiency.

Damaged Blower Fan

An air conditioner’s blower fan is responsible for directing warm air outside and cool air into your home. If the blower fan becomes damaged or broken, it disrupts the balance of airflow inside the AC system. Frost can develop around the air conditioner as a result.

Numerous parts of the air conditioner can freeze, including the refrigerant line, coils and condenser. You’ll need an AC repair company to fix this problem.

Whether it’s low refrigerant, dirty coils, a damaged blower fan or another issue, you’ll need a professional. Contact All American Heating & Cooling to get your air conditioner safely unfrozen and working properly.

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