HVAC Maintenance You Shouldn’t Overlook for Your Home’s Heating Systems

The weather in Sarasota can be temperamental, and most households rely on HVAC systems to keep the house comfortable during the chillier winters. To keep your system running at maximum efficiency, it’s important to schedule regular HVAC maintenance to fix any issues and ensure everything is in tip-top shape. Here are some HVAC maintenance services you shouldn’t overlook to keep your home warm and comfortable:


Cleaning is an important maintenance service. A professional should clean your HVAC system before winter starts to help cut down on the chance of unpleasant smells or mechanical issues. You can complete some easy cleaning yourself by replacing your air filter regularly. As a result, you’ll help you system operate more efficiently.

HVAC cleaning also involves clearing out any debris from the outside unit. These units can collect a surprising amount of twigs, leaves and other clutter. When cleaning the indoor unit, a professional should focus on the blower assembly.


There are many moving parts in an HVAC system. If these parts aren’t properly lubricated, they can begin to grind, leading to major mechanical failures and costly repairs. Plus, if these parts start to slow due to too much friction, it can lead to difficulty maintaining the indoor temperature.


Calibration is another HVAC maintenance that’s necessary to keep your heating system performing to the best of its abilities. Service technicians will check that your thermostat is accurately reading the temperature inside your home. If the thermostat isn’t calibrated correctly, your home’s temperature will be off. As a result, you might pay higher than unexpected utility bills.

HVAC maintenance is critical to making sure your heating system is working at peak efficiency. If you’re ready to set up an HVAC maintenance schedule for your heating system, call All American Heating and Cooling today at (941) 451-5228 to set up an first appointment. Our service technicians are standing by to ensure you’re maximizing your HVAC system’s performance.

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