4 Ways Every Homeowner Can Reduce Heating Costs This Winter

Reduce Heating Costs This WinterNorthport area winters are relatively mild, but that doesn’t mean heating costs can’t skyrocket during colder periods. Saving energy during the heating season is a major concern for homeowners everywhere, and these tips can help you considerably reduce heating costs this winter.

Turn Down the Thermostat

Reducing thermostat settings is one of the best ways to lower wintertime heating bills. For every degree you set back the thermostat over an eight-hour period, you can save up to 3 percent on heating costs.

A programmable thermostat makes this easy and convenient. Program lower settings while you’re asleep or away from home, and keep it set between 65 and 70 degrees while you’re at home.

To help you stay warmer at lower settings, reverse the direction of ceiling fans to push down warm air that gathers near the ceiling, and replace the air filter regularly for optimum airflow.

Lower the Water Heater Thermostat

Heating water for your home accounts for nearly 20 percent of your total annual energy bill, according to the Department of Energy (DOE). While the factory setting is usually 140 degrees, lowering it to 120 degrees can save about 6 percent on energy costs. Lower settings also help prevent scalding as well as corrosion and sediment buildup in the tank.

Seal Air Leaks

When air leaks result in heat loss, the heating system has to work overtime to compensate. Reduce heating costs by sealing around windows, doors, baseboards, recessed lighting fixtures and service entrances with caulk. Install weatherstripping on doors and windows and affix door sweeps on the bottom of each exterior door.

Shore Up Insulation

Inadequately insulated attics increase heating costs by allowing the warm air in the home to escape into the attic, and cold attic air to infiltrate the rooms below. Shore up attic insulation to 12 to 15 inches of insulation with an appropriate R-value for the region. While you’re at it, insulate ductwork that runs through the attic and other unconditioned spaces.

For more expert tips on how you can reduce heating costs this winter, please contact us in the Northport area at All American Heating & Cooling.

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