repair or replace the A/CThe decision of whether to repair or replace the A/C can be a time-sensitive issue when you want to stay cool in your Sarasota home. You may feel the pressure and heat to make a decision, no matter how uncertain. The following questions and your answers can help.

How Old Is the Air Conditioner?

If your air conditioner is more than 10 years old, you may be better off with a new system. A new air conditioner with high efficiency ratings can save as much as 50 percent on cooling bills, perform better, and you have a new warranty.

Higher Utility Bills?

If this summer brought a dramatic increase in cooling bills based on Watt-hour usage (not increased energy prices), your air conditioner may have more than one issue. A failing compressor loses efficiency and does not prepare refrigerant as well for maximum heat exchange.

Many Repairs in Recent Years?

Misery loves company, and so it seems with repairs. If this isn’t the first repair you’ve faced in recent years, it may be time to ask your HVAC contractor for new system options.

Other Issues That Create Higher Bills

Do you feel drafts near windows? Is your attic sufficiently insulated? Have you had a duct inspection? All of these issues point to common reasons for high cooling bills and a heavier workload for an ailing air conditioner. Have these checked out, too.

Are Your Repair Estimates Half the Cost of a Replacement?

With a new air conditioning system, you’ll enjoy lower cooling bills and greater comfort. If the repair estimate is high, you may be better off investing that money into a new system and home efficiency upgrades.

If you’re undecided whether to repair or replace the A/C in your Sarasota home, contact All American Heating & Cooling for assistance.

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