6 Reasons to Make the Upgrade to a Smart Thermostat

Technology is one of the most important aspects of modern daily life. It changes the way we communicate, work, and play. However, it’s also quickly becoming a part of home comfort, primarily through the use of smart thermostats. Mercury-based and even first-generation thermostats are going by the wayside in lieu of this new gadget. If you’re looking bring your Sarasota, Florida, home into the modern age with the utmost in comfort and convenience, here are a few reasons to consider upgrading to a smart thermostat.

It’s Better Than the Alternatives

Before you consider the perks of buying and installing a smart thermostat, it’s important to know what separates them from the others. Mercury thermostats, which are usually 20 or more years old, have a needle to control temperature. They aren’t very accurate, and they only have heating or cooling settings. This model was the industry standard for residential and commercial construction until the digital thermostat came along.

The digital thermostat, which is often confused with a smart thermostat because of its similar appearance, allows users to adjust temperatures depending on the time of day. While both of these earlier models are somewhat effective in regulating temperature, they don’t have the flexibility or intelligence of the smart thermostat. What sets smart thermostats apart are their state-of-the-art features and capabilities. Some can even learn behaviors to make automatic adjustments.

Remotely Change Your Temperatures

If you’ve ever left home without turning the thermostat to a more energy-efficient temperature, you certainly aren’t alone. While it’s nice to have the perfect comfort level when you get home from work, it’s a waste of money and energy for the unit to run at optimal temperatures all day with no one there. However, the smart thermostat solves this conundrum. Most models have Wi-Fi compatibility which allows you to set the temperature from anywhere in the world with an internet connection. So, the next time you’re in a rush, or you leave for vacation, you won’t have to stress about huge energy bills because of an incorrect thermostat setting.

Save Money

One of the best features of the smart thermostat is that it’s designed to save you money. When coupled with energy-saving HVAC equipment, the savings are even more significant. Because the smart thermostat cuts energy usage when you aren’t at home, your system isn’t working overtime to produce temperatures you don’t need. Not only will it lower monthly bills, but it will also reduce maintenance bills and repair costs.

Solve Common Thermostat Problems

Another problem with old-school thermostats is that they can experience a variety of complications. Poor thermostat placement, dirt and grime buildup, and bad electrical connections all reduce your thermostat’s performance and efficiency. However, new smart thermostats are more accurate and last longer without needing as much maintenance. The result is consistently better temperatures and less worry about energy regulation.

Get Zoning Capability

When paired with compatible heating and cooling devices, smart thermostats give you greater flexibility. With a smart thermostat, you have access to zoning, which allows you to set specific temperatures for certain parts of your home. For example, using the settings on your smart thermostat, you can set the perfect temperature in the occupied rooms while setting different, energy-saving temperatures in the other areas. It’s just another way that owning a thermostat saves you money and energy.

Improve Air Quality

The smart thermostat doesn’t directly improve air quality, but it can be a factor. One way it achieves this is by letting you know that your filter needs to be changed or that you need to schedule maintenance. Some thermostats also include a humidity sensor, which helps to keep relative humidity at a comfortable, healthy level. You achieve even greater benefits when the thermostat is synced to a whole-home humidifier.

The many benefits of upgrading to a smart thermostat should put it high on your home improvement agenda. Once you’ve decided on a model, give All American Heating & Cooling a call for professional installation of your new gadget. Our experts will have you up and running so that you can enjoy perfect home comfort year-round. Call us today at (941) 451-5228 for more information or to schedule an appointment.

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