3 Easy Fixes That Impact Your Monthly Energy Costs

Making your home more energy efficient does not always entail large investments or remodeling. Sometimes, making simple changes can lend quick and noticeable results. Here are simple steps you can take to reduce your monthly energy costs.

Check Your Vents

Vents are not always placed in the most convenient areas within a home; nevertheless, for the most energy efficiency, you need to keep them unobstructed. This may mean relocating furniture or other items that obstruct the airflow. All of that heat blowing onto the back of your sofa or into the floor-length drapes is just wasting energy.

Use the Right Filters for Your HVAC System

Filters serve a very important purpose. They prevent dust and other pollutants from contaminating your HVAC system and out of your indoor air. Avoid the temptation to buy just any filter. Some cheap filters may allow inner parts of your system to soil more quickly, reducing function and efficiency. On the other hand, choosing the highest quality air filter may inhibit airflow, which can also result in higher energy costs. To learn of the best filter for your system, consult with your HVAC contractor.

Efficient Thermostat Placement

By design, your thermostat is sensitive to the immediate surrounding temperature. If sunlight shines directly on the thermostat, or the thermostat is located next to a heat source or drafts, then it will respond to that temperature data as if that temperature represents the house as a whole. This means you may experience unsatisfactory climate control and higher energy costs. Thermostats should be placed away from sunlight and drafts, and in an area where the ambient temperature is close to that of the rest of the home. If moving the thermostat is not an option, protect it by shading it from sunlight, sealing air leaks nearby and moving heat or cooling sources away from the device.

To learn more about saving energy costs, please contact us at All American Heating & Cooling.

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