fall home maintenance

The end of summer is always hard to accept but it’s important to perform fall home maintenance now to be prepared for dropping temperatures. Making key updates and changes now gives you peace of mind throughout the upcoming cooler months.

Inspect the HVAC System

Now is the ideal time to get your heating and cooling system inspected. Dealing with areas that need service is easier now than when something fails during the winter. Change furnace filters, check stove burners, insure adequate ventilation and have your home checked for any gas leaks that could present a potential danger.

Clean Vital Areas

If you have a fireplace, a vital part of fall home maintenance is to make sure that its flue and liners are clean and free of built-up creosote. Vacuum the dust off your stove hood, baseboard heaters, dryer vent, room fans and cold air returns to insure that the air circulates properly. Don’t cover vents with curtains or furniture.

Investigate Outside and Inside

Damaged siding, worn trim, broken bricks and cracked stucco can cause air leaks in your home so repair them now during your fall home maintenance. Check any outside electrical boxes to make sure they’re watertight so they won’t short out in a heavy downpour or freeze. Inside, investigate any crawl spaces for signs of mold, standing water, or animals trying to make a home.

Replace Insulation

Before the temperatures drop and the winds pick up, replace worn insulation with new eco-friendly materials such as recycled paper or recovered glass. Apply weatherstripping and caulk around doors, windows, vents and utility line entrances.

Check the Roof and Gutters

Check your roof for loose or damaged shingles, flashing gaps, and damaged bricks or mortar around the chimney during fall home maintenance. Make sure your downspouts and gutters are clean and properly attached.

Be Prepared

Test your emergency generator to insure it kicks on when you need it. Hopefully, you won’t have to use it but it’s best to be prepared for a power outage caused by winter storms.

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